Belagavi: A resident of Mamdapur was killed by her wife and her
paramour for stopping her from having an extramarital affair.

After killing him, the woman and her friend placed his body on the railway tracks near Mamdapur to make it as a case of suicide.
The incident which took place on December 22 and the police are
able to expose the truth behind it now.
The dead, Parasappa Malyagol had opposed his wife Parvati’s
affair with Maruti Bekkeri, also resident of Mamadapur. Despite his
opposition, Parvati had continued her affair for a long time and often indulged in quarrels with her husband over it.
In December third week, Parvati and Maruti made him drink
alcohol heavily and killed him. Later, they took his body to Chikkodi road and placed it on the railway tracks. Eventually, the police who recovered the body had considered it as a case of suicide. Later, Parasappa’s relatives lodged a complaint with the police demanding another investigation into the case. Suspecting a foul play in his death, they said, it was not a case of suicide but Parasappa had been murdered, they alleged in their complaint.
A day before Maruti died, Parvati had lodged a complaint with the
police contending that he was missing from home.The police arrested Parvati to interrogate her over her husband’s death and found that she got Parasappa killed along Maruti and another Siddarama Dharmatti.The police arrested Parvati and Maruti
but Dharmatti is absconding.