Belagavi: Karnataka defeated Maharashtra 4-0 in a league match at the roller hockey held at Belgaum’s Shivaganga Roller skating rink here on Friday.The Pune Skate Master team defeated Alisha Club 11-0 in a junior league match between Alisha Club and Skate Master Poona.Punjab defeated Poona 5-2 in an in-line hockey match between Punjab and Pune.The umpires were Edi Sharma,Gurpit Singh Ajay Mehra, Amar Singh and Naresh Sharma.

In roller hockey, Nikhil Chandak scored six goals in two matches, while Punjab’s Gurpit Singh scored four goals in an innings line hockey. Jyothi Chindak, Shivaganga Skating Rink, said that league matches are being held in roller hockey on Saturday.