Belagavi: Since about 5 school children, below 7 years, sustained minor injuries when the Auto Richshaw they boarded to go school overturned at Sadhashiv nagar near Laxmi Complex on APMC road on Tuesday morning, the Traffic Police brought about 60 rickshaw drivers, carrying school children everyday, to Police Commissionerate office and booked cases of violating the Passenger Transporting norms. However, mocking the police and the case they had filed, the drivers against whom the cases were booked for overloading the children dropped back the same count of children, to their homes after the school.

The rickshaw carrying about 10 young school students fell into a roadside small ditch dug by BSNL/BCC to lay the cable lines. Students who were started from their houses got minor injuries to the heads, faces and hands and legs. All the injured students were treated at the Civil Hospital and discharged. The hospital premises was overcrowded with the frightened parents and their family members and relatives.

Police who neglected many appeals from the people asking to strictly instruct the rickshaws to maintain the passenger carrier limit norms had not cared, however, Tuesday’s accident alerted them and made them to follow the norms. It was unfortunate that police left back the rickshaws to continue its duty just after imposing the penalty, who dropped back the children in their packed rickshaws soon after the cases against them.