Belagavi: The political sector of the state which was surprised after the defeated BJP leader Laxman Savadi was brought to the next throne of CM Yediyurappa, would be stunned to the developments to be taken in government.

Deputy Chief Minister Savadi disappointed PM Modi, Party Chief Amit Shah for not even reach to the knee level of Yediyurappa. Savadi and Yediyurappa are belonging to the Lingayat community which dominating in north Karnataka. PM, Shah who has a fear that Yediyurappa has a capacity to hijack even the party if left him free found Savadi and brought him on the stage. He was clearly told of giving higher posts if vanished the popularity of Yediyurappa.

Savadi who was one among the 50-star campaigners at Maharashtra election failed to get Kannadigas votes in South Maharashtra which is another strong reason the high command to get back Savadi.