Belagavi: Former minister and Yamakanamaradi Congress MLA Satish Jarkiholi, known for his games and wiseness in politics, also filed his candidature, along with party’s official candidate, his younger brother Lakhan Jarkiholi, on the last day of filing nomination papers for the by-polls scheduled on Dec 5.

Lakhan, the last among the five-member Jarkiholi brothers, contesting the election for the first time, however, he was the behind the screen player in the victory of his MLA brothers -Satish, Ramesh and Balchandra in all their previous elections. Satish filed his papers to contest in place of Lakhan if his paper is dishonored.

According to the report, about 30, 000 people gathered while Lakhan filing the nomination. Through media, since hundreds gathered, Lakhan has asked his elder brother Ramesh to reply to the attendance of the gather. Ramesh, in a public meeting at Gokak, had said he would win the polls by more than a lakh vote even any member from his family would contest the election.