Belagavi: Uddhav Pro-Maharashtrians in Karnataka have all reasons to celebrate with the confirmation of Shivasena chief Uddhav Thackeray as Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Thackeray always used to stand with the pro-Maharashtrians and plead on their behalf. His party becomes popular because of its aggressiveness has attacked Kannadigas and their commercial establishment at Maharashtra whenever Marathis were attacked in Karnataka.

The designated CM many occasion warned Karnataka that Kannadigas in Maharashtra, few among them are part of his party, that would not be spared if Marathis in Karnataka were disturbed. Amid his busy schedule, he used to meet the delegations from Belagavi and sent back with the assurance that not only his party but entire Maharashtra would be with them and plead to uplift their rights.

Now, the pro-Maharashtrians who have lost their state-level political power with the defeat of all the seats, it contested in last assembly election, cheering-up with the designation of Thackeray thinking that he would maintain his assurances. However, it is not easy for Thackeray, as his government would also move off the rope. His party, which had won 4-5 seats in Belagavi City Corporation election has no base in Karnataka, mainly in Belagavi. It uses to field its candidate in assembly elections and takes back its candidature during the last hours.

Since Thackeray has to maintain the interest of his alliance parties interest, mainly Congress, which has a strong base in Karnataka, would seem not to entertain the pro-Maharashtrians to get protected his government which is formed also with the support of 44 Congress MLAs. So, the Shivasena would continue the “Eye Washing” technique to maintain its interest.