Belagavi: Congress Star Campaigner, former CM Siddaramaiah said there would be no BJP government in the state after the announcement of by-poll results on Dec 9. BJP will suffer a humiliate defeat and leave the power. Congress will form the next government.

Addressing an election campaign meeting at Telsang village in Athani taluk on Friday, he told the people to pull out and throw Congress disqualified MLAs Mahesh Kumathalli and Shrimanth Patil, contesting their former constituencies – Athani and Kagwad, respectively to the dustbins as they cheated to the people voted them, did not asked their opinion before resigning. Alike other 15 disqualified, the duo have got encashed the people’s verdict. “The votes which you cast them were sold out. Take revenge against the duo for selling your votes for their selfishness”, he said.

He said people of Hirekerur have pledged to defeat, former police officer and legislator, BC Patil to show the door of his house, likewise, Athani and Kagwad people should hold locked Kumathalli and Patil in their houses, banning their re-entry into active politics.

Since, the disqualified claiming that they left their respective parties for not getting a grant for their constituencies and not treated them well in the government, the former CM, fingering toward Belagavi Rural Congress MLA Laxmi Hebbalkar, who was on the dais, said why she did not leave the party for the said reason. People know the fact and decide the fate of the betrayers in the election.