Belagavi: Although CM Yediyurappa, BJP State President Naveen Kumar Katil told of filing defamation cases against Congress and JD(S) leaders of branding the disqualified MLAs as got sold for BJP, people at many villages in Kagwad and Athani constituency have put banners, written on public news boards in their villages about the sale of their former MLAs, super stating banning them entry into their villages.

After Shrimanth Patil represented Congress from Kagwad had faced the heat of people’s anguish for enjoying at a 5 Star hotel at Mumbai when his constituency was badly hit with floods, were not allowed to enter in many villages after he was allowed by the Supreme Court to contest the election. Many villages even not allowed him to get alighted from his vehicle and sent him back.

Mahesh Kumathalli represented Congress from Athani constituency too faced such an embracing and insult as many occasions he was taken to task for resigning without asking them who had voted him to power. Now, the people of Telsang village which was hit heavily by floods have “No entry to Kumathalli who got sold himself for money, in the village”.