Belagavi: One could have observed closely that CM Yediyurappa as he neither seen happy, smiling nor in the relaxed mood even after becoming the Chief Minister, ” No” would be the reply. The CM post to him is the last chance in his life as a party not entertain that crossed 80-year of age. Knowing he and his government is walking on the rope with the marginal majority and must win at least 8 of 15 seats in the by-election, which could be hardly reached. However, According to sources the reality which both the State and the Central has clinched the peace from Yediyurappa which stated that “BJP can win 6 seats and maximum 8”.

Stunned with the facts, he is making rounds to the constituencies to win at least 10 to make sure confirmation of completing his CM term. As far as election to three constituencies in Belagavi district, the sources said BJP to lose Athani and Kagwad and may win in Gokak. The victory at Gokak is also not sure. The victory margin either BJP candidate Ramesh Jarkiholi or his opponents JD(S) and Congress candidates would be very less.

The reports stated that BJP candidates Mahesh Kumathalli from Athani and Shrimanth Patil from Kagwad may lose the seats by more than 25, 000 votes, each.