Belagavi: An ill woman from Siddeshwar Nagar Muchandi village in Belagavi taluk who ‘breathed her last’ at around 3 O’ clock in the evening a private hospital near Kote Kere for treatment come back to life at her home, just about 2-3 hours of her burial, on Wednesday.

55-year-old Malu Yellappa Chougale, who suffered from high fever had lost her conscious and was rushed to the hospital, having out and in-patient services at around 12 pm. Though a group of doctors attended, she could not respond, at around 3 pm doctors declared she was dead and told her attendees to take her home.

After taking back home, her family members informed to their relatives and known persons about the sad matter. A team of her relatives who been to Yellamma temple at Savadatti rushed back in the middle, her family members from Muchandi village rushed in hired minibuses for the funeral.

Fortunately, ‘dead’ Malu started moving her body and within seconds she sat on the bed and surprised overseeing the crowd curiously looking to her.